Coconut Latte

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Made with over 70% premium coconut milk, organic unrefined muscovado and coconut flower blossom nectar & a hint of spice, CocoVelle melts into hot milk to create silky-smooth coconut heaven in a cup. Each bag contains the milk of two whole coconuts, with an abundance of nourishing Medium Chain Triglycerides, so expect a gloriously creamy and wholesome flavour.

While it was originally designed to be consumed as a hot drink, CocoVelle is equally delicious chilled and makes almost everything taste better... melt into hot oats, add to smoothies, shakes, baking and desserts (or eat straight off the spoon like we do!)  And with around 50% less sugar than your regular hot chocolate or powdered chai, it's no wonder why we call it the "Intelligent Indulgence". 


Expertly hand-crafted with a blend of 40% premium coconut milk and 25% specialty European cocoas, Chocolat is rich, smooth and decidedly delicious. The chocolate flavour is surprisingly dominating to satiate even the most serious of cocoa cravings, while the healthy coconut oils (from one entire coconut per bag) add an amazing level of body and creaminess.

A hint of spice and our organic unrefined sugars, retaining all their naturally occurring trace minerals, add an extra dimension of flavour. And if that's not enough, it also contains around 30% less sugar than your standard fare of hot chocolates, making it a truly decadent yet wholesome drinking chocolate. After tasting Chocolat, it will certainly be hard to accept anything less!